SingleClic supports forward-thinking organizations by providing innovative solutions to collect & analyze data so that they can stand the competition in the digital era. Our digital transformation journey comes in four stages:

  • Business analysis
  • Design & development of the solution
  • Implementation & training
  • Support and follow-up

Our teams have more than 25 years of accumulated experiences in different IT sectors and we have a good reputation for maximizing our client’s IT investments through the use of cutting-edge solutions that consider people, business and technology.

Microsoft dynamics is the complete solution designed to bring all the data related to your business in one system, one database and one interface. Fully Integrating ERP, CRM, HR, Marketing, web-based apps, Microsoft 365, LinkedIn and outlook, imagine managing all this from one platform with an easy to use interface and smart reporting and analysis system, that’s simply Microsoft dynamics and we are a gold certified partner with Microsoft.

What does being a Microsoft partner mean?

A Microsoft Gold Certified partner is a company that is collaborating with the technology giants and established a close working relationship with them. That means we are not resellers of Microsoft solutions, but we are licensed to build on their advanced solutions to develop and implement tailored applications for each customer.

Singleclic helps businesses to plan, define and manage their digital ecosystem, providing inspiration and building intelligent business solutions. As we work at a strategic and operational levels, we deliver web and App based solutions that can support iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5 or any other special requests. We have been creating quality web and mobile based apps since we started, we work closely with our clients to understand his business needs then we start the information architecture phase, after approvals we create UI and UX prototypes to let our customers test the look & feel of their platforms to make sure that they like it 100%.

We focus always in delivering the best user experience for each platform, by responsive designs, native environment development and integrating with the other systems we’ve always met and exceeded our clients’ expectations.

Our talented team can cover the whole process from high level strategy, accurate planning, necessary research, business consulting, design, content, programming and testing. And through this complete process we remain clear and transparent with our clients without any misleading promises.

  • Hybrid apps
  • Web apps
  • Native mobile apps
  • Content management system

Businesses now operate in an everchanging fluid environment, where executives find themselves overwhelmed by data in some situations and they lack information sufficiency in other situations. The technology landscape is turning highly complex as it evolves to meet the demands of a competitive marketplace, and for each business sector there are different solutions offered by the biggest names in the industry and pretty much similar solutions offered by startups or SMEs, so how to decide what do you really need? And who’s the best provider for you? Ask an expert!

We provide the Business consultancy for all industries and scales regarding the following:

  • Total digital transformation
  • ERP & CRM automation
  • Internet of things
  • Big Data

We help executives in more than 7 countries to get deeper insights about their businesses and find the most innovative solutions that can meet their needs with the best ROI.

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