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  • With hands on the pulse of ERP & CRM systems for years, Singleclic experts now know how to smoothly lead businesses in the transition periods in order not to affect the workflow for a single day before making sure that everaything is in place, the new system is running properly and the employees are trained and ready. We’ve successfully implemented systems for Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Education and many more industries.
  • With our core expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relation Management, we are committed to deliver high-quality tailored IT solutions that meet business and technology requirements by innovation. We follow an agile methodology to leverage industry best practices and newest trends. For each ERP/CRM project we implement we promise commitment to: Budget, by the accurate business analysis Timeframe, our team is capable of doing the right things on the right time.
  • Your employees & our system friendship: A  happy employee who can use our solution properly is a necessary pillar in our success.

Understanding ERP / CRM capabilities

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation can help a business in several ways, including reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving decision-making. By integrating all of a company’s core business processes, such as accounting, inventory management, and human resources, into one system, an ERP can automate many tasks and reduce the need for manual data entry and reconciliation. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors. Additionally, an ERP can provide real-time visibility into a company’s operations and financial performance, which can help managers make more informed decisions. Overall, an ERP can help a business to run more efficiently and effectively, which can lead to increased productivity and profitability.
  • ERP systems typically include a variety of modules that address different aspects of a business’s operations. Some common ERP modules include:
    • Financial Management: This module handles accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting, as well as cash management and financial forecasting.
    • Sales and Distribution: This module manages customer orders, invoicing, and shipping, as well as inventory management and warehouse management.
    • Supply Chain Management: This module manages the flow of goods and materials through a company, including procurement, production planning, and logistics.
    • Human Resources Management: This module manages employee information and payroll, as well as benefits administration and compliance with labor laws.
    • Project Management: This module helps manage projects and resources, including task assignments, timelines, and budgets.
    • Customer Relationship Management: This module helps manage relationships with customers, including sales, marketing, and customer service.
    • Business Intelligence: This module provides real-time data analysis and reporting, which can be used to make better business decisions.

Customer RelationShip Management (CRM) : We hold ourselves to a high standard of quality and work tirelessly to exceed expectations in everything we do.

Finding the perfect Fit for Your Business with Singleclic (Silver partner of Odoo and Dynamics 365 )

Singleclic is a sliver partner with both Odoo and Dynamics 365, consulting services to help businesses find the best ERP and CRM fit for their operations. Our consultants will analyze your business and recommend the most suitable solution for your specific needs.

Odoo and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are both enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that can be used to manage and automate various business processes. Here are some key differences between the two:

  • Deployment options: ODoo is available as a cloud-based solution or as self-hosted software that you can install on your own servers. Dynamics 365 is only available as a cloud-based solution.
  • Customizability: ODoo is highly customizable and allows you to modify the source code to fit your specific needs. Dynamics 365 is also customizable, but to a lesser extent than ODoo.
  • Functionality: Both ODoo and Dynamics 365 offer a wide range of functionality, including financial management, supply chain management, project management, and customer relationship management (CRM). However, Dynamics 365 is generally considered to be more comprehensive and may be a better fit for larger enterprises.
  • Pricing: ODoo offers a free Community Edition and paid Enterprise Edition, with pricing based on the number of users and modules. Dynamics 365 pricing is based on the specific features and modules you need, and can be purchased on a per-user or per-app basis.
  • Ultimately, the best choice for your business will depend on your specific needs and budget. It may be helpful to try out the free versions of both ODoo and Dynamics 365 to see which one works best for you.

Learn more: Comparing Odoo and Microsoft Dynamics 365

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