What is Digital Transformation?

It is a strategic and priority-based transformation of business and organizational activities, processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage the accelerating changes, as well as the opportunities of various digital technologies and their growing impact on society, that takes into consideration present and future fluctuations.

In other words, Digital transformation is a movement that impacts nearly every aspect of society and the global economy.

Helping Employees Keep Up with Digital Transformation:

The success of these new ideas and approaches hinges on the abilities, skills, and mindset of the company’s workforce.

If you want to enhance the chances of success in organizing a workforce around the expectations and needs of the connected consumer, here are some tips to help your employees keep pace with digital transformation:

1- Give Employees Direct Access to Consumers:

The way to become a customer-centric company is to understand you, customers. This is done, not only through analytics and data collection but also by bringing internal teams closer to customers through face-to-face interactions plus social listening, research, and smart journey mapping.

2- Help employees embrace agility:

Agility is key to making things work with digital transformation. Customers change at a faster pace, which means employees have to keep up with that change even faster. Help them keep tabs on the customer pulse so they can identify what needs to change, rather than what they want to change because it’s easier.

3- Commit from the top:

New mindsets have to come from leaders at the top of an organization. Executives have to understand what digital transformation means to the business, as well as why and how to change their mindset concerning the work that needs to be done.

4- Invest in lifelong learning:

That means employees have to constantly be learning and building their skills. Whether it’s through formal education, or informal mentoring and online communities, every employee needs to be aware of how customer interactions are changing and how they can take inspiration from personal experiences and bring that back into their work.

5- Invest in employee experience design:

Experience design isn’t just for the external audiences; some companies are tapping user experience design to rethink the experiences they’re serving up to employees. With multiple generations of different priorities and outlooks on work in the workforce, we need to be as flexible with how we motivate and engage with employees as we are with customers.

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