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Warehouse Management

Boost your Operations and Performance

The dedicated inventory module of Odoo for smart and efficient management of your warehouses

Odoo inventory and warehouse management provide you with full-fledged control of the operations of your product storage, and movement bringing reliability to your control operations.


Automation is the Key

Odoo believes in automation and the inventory module is equipped with automation tools.

You can configure for automated order generation under the reordering rules and stop the orders from being generated by setting the range of several units to be available.

Complete Traceability

Traceback and track the product in both inhouse as well as outhouse operations

With the option to define serial as well as lot numbers to the products you will be having complete traceability on the product moves to help with the inventory operations of our company.

Dedicated and Complete Reporting

The reports generation is one of the advanced features of Odoo and available in inventory management also.

The report generation capability in inventory management will help you with the generation of reports in real-time offering you quantitative analysis on all the inventory-related operations.


Odoo warehouse management system is equipped with advanced features and capabilities for efficient inventory management operations.

Fast and reliable system

Fast operational control, as well as reliability for effective management, are the key features of the Odoo inventory module

  • bulletpoint Modernized user interface
  • bulletpoint Double-entry bookkeeping on product moves
  • bulletpoint Flexibility in operations
Advanced functional tools

One of the main features of Odoo WMS is the advanced operational tools that Odoo brings in for the effective management of the warehouse.

  • bulletpoint Inventory adjustment
  • bulletpoint Inventory valuation
  • bulletpoint Inventory forecasting
Custom product routing

You can define customized routing operations for the crafting of the product moves within and out of the warehouse.

  • bulletpoint Drop-shipping
  • bulletpoint Cross- docking
  • bulletpoint Put away rules
  • bulletpoint 3-way matching
  • bulletpoint Define product routes
Productivity tools

With the various productivity boosting tools and functions your inventory operations in Odoo will be beneficial.

  • bulletpoint Integration of barcode scanners
  • bulletpoint Customized alerts and warnings
  • bulletpoint Smart scheduling tool
Auto replenishment of product stocks

The Odoo platform supports the automation intriving into the management operations and therefore, there are dedicated automation tools.

  • bulletpoint Define minimum and maximum stock
  • bulletpoint Auto generate work orders
  • bulletpoint Auto generate purchase orders

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