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Drive a successful implementation with our help.

Fill in the pricing page to have a recommendation about the right pack according to your business needs.

Pay with installments
These prices are for paying with installations.1-4 Courses: €450 per course.5-10 Cources: €405 per course (10% discount)
Pay in full
Receive a 5% discount of the total price when paying in full.1-4 Courses: €427 per course. (5% Full Payment Discount)5-10 Cources: €384.30 per course (10% Course Discount + 5% Full Payment Discount)
Total 0





Recommended for: Simple Apps
Advanced Apps ,
Data Import
Advanced Apps ,
Data Import,
Advanced Apps ,
Data Import,
Dedicated Customer
Success Consultant
25 hours 50 hours 100 hours 200 hours
Project Management
Email + Phone Support
Training & Coaching
Data Importation Assistance
Onsite consulting *
App Customization **
Customizations (Forms, Reports, Workflows)
Returning Customers 3600.0 USD 7000.0 USD 12500.0 USD 25000.0 USD
New Customers (15% off) *** 3060.0 USD 5950.0 USD 10625.0 USD 21250.0 USD

* Travel time counted; Travel expenses charged separately.

**The 'Studio' app is required for customizations. Monthly extra charges apply to maintain developments.

*** A 15% discount applies automatically to new customers, for their first pack only.

We provide a full spectrum of IT services from software design, development, implementation and testing, to support and maintenance.

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