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Odoo ERP for Manufacturing

Manufacturing, a form of commodity production which was established right in the ice ages, has evolved out to be the one that we now know as the production aspect involving automation. The production management tools should be able to function with numerous constraints and control centers of operation.

Manufacturing is not only about production

Odoo with the dedicated modular infrastructure has a well-defined Manufacturing management module providing you complete control and 360-degree visibility of the various stages of the manufacturing process. Odoo holds dedicated operational tools which will be helpful in the planning, execution of the production process, running quality check and sending it out to warehouses or customers.

Dedicate manufacturing management module

The manufacturing module will act as the control center for all your production operations in your facility

  • Plan your manufacturing operations
  • Define work centers
  • Create work orders
  • Draft bill of materials and assign to products and product categories
  • Product and raw material routing
  • Process control panels
  • Overall equipment effectiveness management
  • Define master production schedule
  • Run subcontracting in a well-defined way
  • Effectively generate and manage by-products
  • Assign manufacturing lead times

Product Life Cycle (PLM) Management

The dedicated product lifecycle management will provide you with complete control over the planning and the production aspects

  • Engineering Change Orders
  • Manage bill of materials
  • Engineering change order types 
  • Engineering change order approval

Complete maintenance management

The dedicated maintenance module helps you run the maintenance operations on the production equipment as well as the devices which are being used in the company operations

  • Well defined maintenance dashboard
  • Create dedicated maintenance teams
  • Generate maintenance requests using the calendar view
  • Define equipment in distinctive work centers
  • Generate reports on maintenance requests

Quality Control

Well defined quality control management module will provide you with a complete operational hand on the quality management operations

  • Well defined quality overview
  • Create custom quality control teams
  • Define quality control points
  • Assign quality checks
  • Auto-generate quality alerts

Well defined inventory management

Manage your raw materials and then manage the product movement for the manufacturing process. Moreover, manage the storage of the finished products in the definite location of the warehouses

  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Assign minimum and maximum product stocks
  • Barcode scanning for effective operations
  • Stock forecasting
  • Define expiry dates on products
  • Assign lot and serial numbers on products
  • Scrapping and well-defined product movement
  • Dedicated inventory adjustment tool
  • Automated inventory valuation

Sell out your produce easily

The Odoo supports various modes of sales retail, eCommerce, and wholesale sale of your manufactured products

  • Default quotation templates available
  • Send out quotations via email
  • Create sales orders and send them out to customers
  • Draft payments methodologies
  • Define coupons and promotional programs 
  • Integrated shipping connector

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