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The act of moving a business process, usually an operational function like manufacturing or a supporting process like accountancy, from one nation to another is known as offshoring. Offshoring is typically used in reference to corporate operations, while state governments may also use it.

How does it help your business?

Abundant Talent: Egypt offers a large pool of skilled and educated professionals across various industries, providing businesses with access to abundant talent for their offshoring needs.

Competitive Cost: Offshoring in Egypt often comes with lower operational costs, including labor costs, making it a cost-effective option for businesses seeking to reduce expenses without compromising quality.

Pivotal Location: Egypt's strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East provides businesses with logistical advantages, including easier access to global markets and reduced transportation costs.

Supportive Government: The Egyptian government has implemented supportive policies and incentives to attract foreign investment and promote offshoring initiatives, providing businesses with a conducive environment for growth and expansion.

We offer 2 Types of ODC: BOT (Build Operate and Transfer), and Managed ODC.

Our Process:

  1. Tell about your needs: we can’t wait to learn about your ideas. Of course, before sharing the details we will sign an NDA to protect your data. We do care about your security.
  2. Select ODC model: We offer two ODC models –BOT and managed ODC. You make your choice depending on how you want to manage your remote office.
  3. Approve project: Your direct participation in office search and candidate screening is not required. When we find the match, we send it for your approval.
  4. Start remote office: When the office is equipped and furnished, developers and other staff are hired, We can open and run your offshore development center
  5. Work on your product: ODC is a full-cycle development team, a part of your company that works for you on distance. Distribute tasks and start coding!

How do we Implement it at Singleclic

For Example...

The GBM Offshoring Project was a four-year initiative that Singleclic and Gulf Business Machines (GBM) collaborated on to establish an Offshore Development Center (ODC) to support GBM’s banking sector operations. Singleclic carefully assembled specialized teams, offered full HR services, and showed flexibility in responding to GBM’s changing needs.

The project demonstrated Singleclic’s large-scale offshoring experience and cemented its strategic alliance with GBM, resulting in enhanced workforce optimization and operational efficiency. The project’s success created a scalable model for offshoring in the financial sector and directs Singleclic’s future offshoring strategies.

In Short:

In conclusion, offshoring to Egypt emerges as a strategic imperative for businesses seeking to leverage abundant talent, cost-effective solutions, and logistical advantages in a supportive environment. Egypt’s rich pool of skilled professionals, coupled with competitive operational costs and its pivotal location, positions it as an attractive destination for offshoring initiatives. Supported by proactive government policies and incentives, businesses partnering with offshoring solution providers like Singleclic gain access to tailored models such as Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) or Managed ODC, facilitating seamless integration into the global marketplace. The success story of the GBM Offshoring Project exemplifies the transformative potential of offshoring collaborations, showcasing Singleclic’s expertise in establishing scalable offshore development centers. By fostering workforce optimization and operational efficiency, these partnerships not only drive immediate results but also lay the foundation for sustained growth and innovation in diverse sectors, shaping the future landscape of offshoring strategies.


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