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What is CRM?


CRM are systems and processes for managing a company’s interactions with current and potential customers. When CRM is mentioned, it is usually in reference to CRM Software. CRM is the software to use for organizing, automating, and synchronizing sales, marketing, and customer service. The purposes of CRM have expanded to include all areas of customer experience, thus keeping the customer happy, and, in turn, guaranteeing their loyalty to your business.

What is ERP?


If CRM handles the customer, ERP handles the business. ERP enhances the efficiency of business processes. Similar to CRM, ERP allows for the rapid sharing of standardized information across all departments. When employees enter information into the ERP system, they create a real-time, enterprise-wide snapshot, thus enabling the detection of problems in any area through automatically generated alerts in other affected areas. Such early detection allows departments to plan ahead for issues before they become a problem. In short, ERP allows the business to focus on the data rather than the operations.

Microsoft Dynamics

“Queue Associates”

With Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, including the brand-new Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite, you can accomplish mission-critical tasks across your organization. Moreover, it contributes to reducing the cost of carrying out business and improving customer service by connecting and streamlining your entire supply chain. It also helps to simplify compliance and planning by making current comprehensive financial reporting available to all employees; as well as looking deeper into key performance factors to pinpoint efficiencies, identify potential issues, and take swift action.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions are designed to meet the needs of your organization’s unique business requirements and include specialized functionality tailored to suit your vertical industry processes.

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions:

▪ Microsoft Dynamics 365

▪ Microsoft Dynamics CRM

▪ Microsoft Dynamics SL

▪ Microsoft Dynamics AX

▪ Microsoft Dynamics GP

▪ Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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