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Sales are one of the vital aspects of any business where all of the companies all around the globe are striving towards. Today all the companies are adopting newer sales methodologies to be able to stay ahead in the competition. The use of dignified tools and operational software for the effective management of sale operations in the companies have seen to be the recent trends in the market nowadays. Moreover, numerous models of sales terminologies along with different sales methodologies are used by organizations to put their company first to the customers.

The sales management software solutions are abundantly available today for you to choose from offering exceptional operational tools as well as management functions to your companies. Among all the sales management software tools the Odoo ERP solution provides you with a dedicated sales management module that helps you to put your sales operations first stands out as an exceptional management tool. The necessity of such a tool is there for any businesses as it can bring in reliability, effectiveness, and simplifications to the sales operations of your company.

Detailed and well crafted quotations

There are default quotation templates available that can be used or can be modified to create new ones as per your need and can be saved for further uses


Boost your Operations and Performance

The advanced settings in the sales module will help you to go further with your sales operations

  • Define discounts and price list
  • Sales warnings and alerts
  • Proforma invoicing
  • Configure delivery method and shipping connectors
  • Down payment configuration
  • Product specific emails

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