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Why Experts need to do it?

Expert PartnerNon-expert
Cost-efficient solutions Cheap and non-reliable solutions
Considers all parameters and don't tamper
with default functionalities
Will not consider all parameters and may
break default functioning
    In-depth knowledge in technical as well as functional aspects    Will not be an expert in understanding the technical and functional
aspects of the platform
Strict following of standardized procedures May deviate from the standardized development path
High coding standards and reliability Lower coding standards
Ease in maintenance operations Complications in maintenance operations
Performance remains steady throughout the functioning May indicate performance issues in the long run

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We provide a full spectrum of IT services from software design, development, implementation and testing, to support and maintenance.

Office 921, Iris Bay Tower, Business Bay-Dubai,UAE

(UAE)Tel: +971 42 475421

10 Road 207 / 253, Degla, Maadi,Cairo, Egypt

(Egypt)Tel: +2 010 2599 9225
+2 022 516 6595

Email: info@singleclic.com

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