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Having a satisfied customer is simply more profitable than landing new deals. We build our solutions to the highest quality standards and the low numbers of returns; successful process engineering and long-term reliable use of our solution is how we measure the satisfaction of our clients.

We take any complain seriously, whether it’s a miss use, a new need appeared or – because it happens every now and then in technology- a non-working function. Our technical team will collect all the needed data to give you the best possible support.

It’s a primary aspect of SingleClic strategy, and we aim to have long-term partnerships with all our customers throughout the life cycle of the solution or service. Our vision is to provide cost-effective and reliable after sales service to manage and ensure full customer satisfaction as well as the maintenance of our high level of sales.

Our service & support department receives issues through our ticketing system, where we take our SLA agreement seriously as we put solving your problems our target. We have different SLA levels such as Platinum, Gold and Silver depending on the customers requirements. Moreover, we have support tools that help in the support process like TFS (Team Foundation Server) and the BugTracker.Net, which is a web-based bug tracking system.

  • Training your employees to use our solutions
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Technical support by phone or email or through the system 24 /7
  • Self-care platforms

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We provide a full spectrum of IT services from software design, development, implementation and testing, to support and maintenance.

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