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Governmental sector is one of the most critical sectors when it comes to data, SingleClic is striving to help governmental agencies of all sizes modernize their systems and improve their services quality by using reliable and secure software that can be easily adopted by employees to get the best out of it. Our talented teams are able to address operational challenges and understand citizens’ expectations to architect a system that can optimize the process for both parties. Microsoft dynamics solutions are positioned as number one in empowering governments through digital transformation, and we are able to get the most of Microsoft dynamics to provide a comprehensive set of features that over achieve the expectations. Maximum security Operations transparency Citizen interface Web & app integration Data analytics Minimum implementation & maintenance time Minimum system downtime. We understand the challenges in working with governments, we consider the whole cycle starting by citizens’ needs, processing requests by employees, delivering the services, collecting and analyzing data. All that can be managed easily through one secure system that can lead the governments digital transformation to drive productivity, increase mobility and innovate new digital services across and between multiple departments and agencies and to a broader set of citizens and stakeholders.


Nothing affects one’s life as much as health. A community which health is a priority is always more prosperous than others. Therefore, SingleClic has always been preoccupied by one question, how can we use our knowledge and technical abilities to empower the healthcare sector and enable better, faster and cheaper services? We think about a work environment where all the data regarding patients, equipment, medicines, operations schedule and all the non-human factors are automatically collected and analyzed to eliminate the hassle and let the doctors & nursing teams do their duties without concerns and enable the management to take the right decisions in the right time, to achieve a win-win situation where the patients receive a premium service and the healthcare organization grow and prosper. Our end to end fully integrated solution will let you boost: Financial & Human Resource Get real-time insights about the costs and overheads in the whole organization Manage the payroll related activates with a total control and security. Instant access to patient payment information from any device Control the finances easily through dashboards Compare month-to-month expenditures Patient / customer satisfaction Make sure that all patients receive proper care throughout the organization with easy access to all medical records. Efficient and effective diagnoses and case management Reduce the wasted time and focus more on curing activities. Apply the Integrated pharmacy systems

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We provide a full spectrum of IT services from software design, development, implementation and testing, to support and maintenance.

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