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Case Studies

Ministry of Health ( ERP )

  • MOH (Ministry of Health) Project started 2014
  • Biggest MS Dynamics implementation across MEA
  • Automates the purchase, maintenance, inventory, and disposal processes.
  • Schedule the reminders and alerts for calibration and planned preventive maintenance
  • In-Patient pharmacy billing Automating billing and invoicing processes
  • Integrate the billing system with the Ministry’s financial systems
  • Automates laundry orders, and tracking detergents and supplies
  • Automates pharmacy procedures by receiving OP/IP prescriptions from doctors and manages the medicine dispensing process to the patient. Controls stock and integrates with the billing and inventory processes
  • Analytical Reporting and Mobile Access

QWallet (Mobile Wallet)

  • Qwallet is a mobile Wallet based in Qatar
  • Registration with KYC with image recognition for the IDs and face detection
  • Teleco bill payment via QIIB bank
  • Water and Electricity payment via QIIB bank
  • Western Union cash and bank transfer.
  • Wallet top-up via QNet Payment gateway.
  • Wallet to wallet internal transfer.
  • Local transfer via QIIB bank.

Solution Main Modules

It is well known that keeping précised and updated inventory records for medicines & surgical equipment is the most important task for any hospital administration. As medicines and other surgical equipment are the most used products/items in a hospital, every hospital must always maintain a good stock of lifesaving medicines, injections and disposable surgical items like syringes, masks, gloves and more.

The inventory management is the main controller of every single transaction on the system because it’s responsible for the receiving and dispensing all the items from the stores to the hospital and the clinics to keep their stock in the safe rang and also controlling the inspection process for the items before receiving them and it’s contains a massive number of reports to keep you in track of everything with a few clicks.

We also integrating with the intellehealth system through HL7 messages on real time so we can keep tracking every single prescription and any medicine will be Dispensed to the patient real time (we already integrated with Cerner and Rowa Systems).

Centralizing the activities of receipt, cleaning, assembly, sterilization, storage and distribution of sterilized materials from a central department where safe sterilization is done under controlled conditions with adequate managerial and technical supervision at an optimum cost. The purpose of this department is to provide an efficient, economic, continuous, and quality supply of sterilized material to various areas of the hospital to deliver quality and infection free patient care as well as it contributes to reduction in hospital infection rate.

Patient billing module handles all types of billing processes in the long run. It works in coordination with many other modules such as inpatient, outpatient, registration etc. This module seamlessly integrates with financial accounting module to consolidate patient’s overall billing information. This hospital billing system helps in automatic posting of charges pertaining to various services including lab test, food and beverage, bed charges etc.

It is a flexible solution for efficient billing without manual errors and time consumption. The module is highly customizable to adjust to client’s unique needs. It is capable of handling and recording various payment types such as cash or credit, partial or full payment and dues or defaulters (we already integrated with Cerner System). We are using the standard messaging system that used by the majority of healthcare system HL7 so that’s allow us easily integrating with any health system.

90% of hospitals in developing nations lack proper mechanism to track fixed assets such as ultrasound machines, laboratory equipment and etc. This results to poor equipment maintenance, frequent breakdowns, patient dissatisfaction, out of warranty claims and lapse of breakdown insurance policies.

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  • In Web environment
  • Allows user to enter the asset data onsite using tablet or laptop connected to Wifi
  • Allows user to enter asset data of IT, Furniture and Electro-mechanical
  • Integrates with AX System
  • In AX environment
  • Allows user to enter asset data of Building, IT, Furniture, Vehicle and Electro-mechanical
  • Determine assets by facility and its location
  • Can enter asset with attachment
  • Generate reports
  • In AX Environment
  • Allows user to enter asset data of Biomedical by facility and its location
  • Can enter asset with attachment
  • Can send services request for PM & CM, track service order/work order, manage PPM for all assets  
  • Generate reports
  • In AX Environment
  • Allows user to enter asset data of Electro-mechanical by facility and its location and can enter with attachment
  • Can send services request, track service order/work order, manage PPM for  all assets applicable to PM  
  • Generate report

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